First Post:)

Who is this new girl?

Hello everyone, and welcome to my “lilbooknook” on this very small lovely corner of WordPress! I’m a 16 year old girl who -when I’m not reading- watches Netflix like its my job, cries tears of joy over pictures of pugs, and eats Domino’s on the daily… yeah pretty busy I know, I know. I’ve loved reading ever since I was small in elementary school. I used to actually struggle with reading, along with writing when I was younger and later grew out of it by indulging myself in the books at my school library. (loved me some good Judy Blume when I was younger… shout out) I grew to love the movies that played inside my head, I loved seeing the characters grow -whether it be good or bad mwhahaha-, and most importantly I loved the idea of anything being possible in books. So here I am today writing on WordPress, why you may ask? Because I wanna share my love of reading with the world and review books that I’ve recently read. I hope you enjoy my content,and if you have any tips for me feel free to give me some. Trust me, yah girl needs some. 🙂 Keep on reading! xxx